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About the Lotion
Our lotion is a natural skin care product.  It contains no alcohol. It contains no paraffin wax, nor any bee’s wax.  The lotion is made up of only seven ingredients, pure African Shea Butter and Soya being the two main ingredients. We add aloe vera, jojoba, coconut, olive, and avocado oils as well as the fragrance oils. All of the lotion candles are made with the same ingredients, the exact same amount of each ingredient, with the only difference being the fragrance oil itself.

Our lotion is skin-safe for total body use, including the face.  It is beneficial for moisturizing dry and cracked skin, nails, and cuticles. It is great for tattoos, as it protects the color from fading in the sun as well as enhancing the color of the tattoo. Product also diminishes the appearance of scars and stretch marks. We do not claim that scars and stretch marks will completely disappear. The success for this depends on variables such as the depth of scar tissue and the age of the scar or stretch mark. The lotion is great for face moisturizing, freshly shaved legs, as well as for foot rubs, back rubs, and full body massage.
One of the reasons our lotion works so well compared to many others, is because it is applied warm. The warmth opens the skin pores so that the lotion more quickly absorbs. The lotion does not stay on top of the skin. This means the lotion will not wash off nor hand sanitize away, so you get the full benefit of all of the nutrients. The skin is not left feeling greasy.  Additionally, this application process keeps the lotion from transferring to other materials.

How to Use the Lotion
The lotion definitely needs to be melted to be used properly. There are three ways to melt the lotion.

  • Light the wick. After about ten minutes, the lotion will form a pool, melting about a 1/8th to a 1/4th of an inch around the top of the candle. Most people prefer to blow out the flame before dipping into lotion. If using the wick to melt the lotion, the burn time should be limited to 20 minutes per use-time, per day. This helps keep the lotion level even the desired wick length.

  • Place the lotion jar on a candle warmer. The entire candle will melt/liquify. Pull the wick out at that point and throw it away. The wick is not meant to be re-used if lotion is melted on a candle warmer. Candle warmer does not need to be turned off. Lotion serves a dual purpose in this manner, as the lotion is always ready to use, as well as becoming a fragrant scent for the home or work place.  The only care the lotion needs, with the candle warmer, is to stir it once a week.

  • Use a blow dryer (hair dryer). This will melt just enough lotion for use. Must use the lowest setting possible so that the lotion does not splatter as is melts. 

    Miscellaneous Information: Lotion will always re-solidify when heat source is removed. If burning wick to melt the lotion, wick must be trimmed before each use. The wick will appear to have a “cauliflower” appearance at its top after burning, so trim that section off before each use. Once people use the lotion regularly, it needs to be used only once per day. Our customers tell us that our XL size containers last from 1 ½ - 2 years. Customers tell us that our large size jars last from 6 months to a year and that our small sizes last from 2-3 months. It is as though you only lose the product you take out of the jar, as there is very little evaporation and because the lotion doesn’t “burn off” quite like wax candles do. 

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