Scentually Yours
Perfume Oil Tidbits and Trivia

In parts of Africa and Asia, perfumed ornaments are said to appease the spirits
Scent cues are an essential element in one's choice of partners
Fragrances frequently figured in prescriptions in the Middle Ages
Scent can change our mood, help us relax, perk us up, enhance hunger and flavor, focus our attention, coax us into buying things, and make us feel safe
Certain scents can trigger emotions and memory by stimulating the limbic center of the brain
Studies indicate that feelings of claustrophobia can be alleviated by the scent of green apple, cucumber, or the seashore

The Australian aborigines frequently use eucalyptus in their healing practices
Egyptians used Cedarwood oil in their mummification process
Scent can be used as a reliever, an aphrodisiac, to comfort and calm, to bolster self-confidence and create an aura of sexuality

Done carefully, you can create a "fragrance wardrobe" which projects an image of who you are
Studies have indicated that particular scents piped into the workplace can increase the concentration, accuracy, and alertness of employees

"The quickest way to trigger an emotional response is with scent." - Sigmund Freud
Wealthy Romans perfumed their bodies, hair, clothing, their slaves, the tiles of their house, their beds, tents, castles and the sails of their ships

Perfumes are composed of notes, much like music high notes, middle notes and base notes
You have different moods, and states of mind, and each should have its own scent
Some perfume oils' scent will develop more, intensify and darken with age
Climate, economics and availability greatly influence the supply of natural oils

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