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The Safe Usage of Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal Briquettes are intended for use with our Incense Powder or Incense Resin, all of which are available on our page of Other Incense Products.

Here are some safe tips for their usage:
Never burn charcoal in glass dish or burner; the charcoal gets extremely hot and can break glass
Always use with caution and never leave unattended
You can put some sand in the bottom of your brass burners to help settle the charcoal
Use a grill lighter to light the charcoal; the charcoal will spark a little when it starts to light
Set it into the dish wait for the charcoal to turn a little gray and then set on small amounts of resin
The resin creates a lot of scented smoke, so use this only in a well ventilated area

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