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Ways to burn Resin and Powder Incense

Resin incense was used as far back as Ancient Egypt and has remained in the 
same form through today. This type of incense is the purest and 
strongest available. Often one of the most natural forms of incense you can find, resin and granular incense is often created from the actual saps and residues of the plants from which the incense originates. Whether it be Frankincense, Myrrh or Sandalwood Resin Incense is excellent for use in ceremonies or ritual.

Powder incense is similar to the Resin Incense in that a charcoal briquet is 
used to burn and spread the scent into the air. Both can be customized 
to your needs by pouring more or less powder on the charcoal.

With resin and powder incense being used with charcoal, there are a few 
precautions to take. First; use a brass incense burner
rather than a glass as the charcoal burns very hot, hot enough
to cook food, second keeping an eye on the burning charcoal will insure
a good experience, lastly a fair amount of scented smoke is produced so
use in a well vented area is a good idea.

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