Scentually Yours
Ways to use our Perfume / Body Oils

As a perfume:
A few drops on your pulse points will last an entire day

In the bath:
Use 5 drops of our Aromatherapy or Perfume / Body oils in the water to create a sensual bathing experience. Adding a cup of milk as well creates a 'milk-bath', fine for sensitive skin or for anyone wanting a particularly luxurious experience

After your bath or shower:
Before you towel dry, rub our scented bath oil all over your body for smooth and scented skin. Perfect for dry skin - also great as a massage oil

Scenting your hair:
A drop of oil on your hairbrush will allow you to leave scent-trails in the air as you walk

Scent your kitchen:
A few drops of perfume oil in a pan on the stove (or over an open fire) will add humidity and scent to your environment

Potpourri re-freshener:
A few drops of perfume oil will revitalize your depleted potpourri

In your car (or chariot!):
Scent pots, potpourri, etc. are a lovely way to enhance your car

Scent-release with cotton balls:
Add a dab of perfume oil to cotton balls and use anywhere for a dash of freshness: Ex-sachets, vacuum bags, dressers, in stuffed animals, letters, inside shoes, fabric hangers and closets... be inventive!

Re-vitalize faux flowers:
A drop or two to silken or dried flowers and wreaths re-creates a life-like scent

In storage areas:
Use a drop of our perfume oil on the wood in cupboards, closets and shelves to keep them (and what's in them) smelling wonderful

During your morning wash:
A drop or two in wash water will help keep the scent with you throughout the day

With your laundry:
Adding a drop of Tea Tree oil to your wash water will kill bacteria and bed mites. A drop of scent on a cotton ball tossed in the dryer will leave a hint of your scent on your clean clothes

Love Letters (Billet-Doux):
Scenting a letter with your perfume will remind a lover of you

Bed linens:
A drop or two of perfume oil on a cotton ball tucked under the sheets and pillows will freshen the bedroom create a romantic setting

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